Premier Window Cleaners

Tim Reinagel Window Cleaner

What chore to you dread the most? One of them for me is washing windows. I recommend that you give it up and let Tim do it.

Tim is a nice person who is reliable and does a good job for a reasonable price. He works quickly and doesn't make a mess. I will use him again. Tim lives in Thomaston, Georgia and works a route from Griffin to Columbus. His contact information is as follows:

Tim Reinagel - 706.741.0775



Mike Scovel Poster 1

Mike Scovel - Artist

Mike's Website -

During my recent birthday celebration I recieved some great cards, one of which really caught my eye. I loved the art and the message. I looked on the back to see if the artist's name was there and it was! Mike Scovel, an artist living in Texas created the card. With a quick search I found his website and his creations. This was one of my favorite posters and hangs in Charley's Pool Hall. Others are great as well. The card is still hanging by my office desk. When on the Internet search for his site and buy something! Great stuff!

I mentioned to his wife, Dusti, how much I enjoyed this one and she said that during a visit by Mike's dad he had grown a beard and Mike used him as a model for this poster. He made him a bit more grizzly looking and it turned out great!

Wish Big Jim Ward could have seen his work. He would have loved it.

H&M Auto Body Shop

3703 River Road, Columbus GA / 706.324.6097

Rusty Trailer

Sand Blasted TrailerFor years when I've needed body work done on my cars I've used H&M on River Road near the intersection with Veterans Parkway. They've done great work and I've found them to be good, honest folks. They have to be good to have been in business 35 years or more.

I recently had a utility trailer repainted and it looks better than it did new. It is a very good trailer and more solidly built than most so I wanted to keep it but it was rusting from setting out in the weather for years. I bought it from Larry Duncan who had a trailer place at the time at the underpass on 4th Avenue about 20 years ago. I told Larry that I wanted a trailer that would haul a big riding lawnmore to Panama City at 80 mph and not worry about it. It is solid. It had rusted and I didn't want it to totally ruin so I took it by H&M and asked their opinion on the value of refurbishing it. They suggested that I take it to Columbus Powder Coat and have it sand blasted to remove the rust and they would paint it. Like I said, it looks better than new. There are 3 photos showing an example of the rust, the sand blasted metal, and the finished product. If you need a quality job by honest folks call or go by and see Mickey, Brandon, or Scott and tell them that Allen sent you.

Painted Trailer

Problem is that now it looks so good I can't haul anything in it! (-:


Tree Service

Recommended by Allen O'Shields - October 12, 2017

Outdoor Detail Tree Service

Recently I needed a couple of big oak limbs that were growing out over the house cut. They were interferingwith my satellite signal. I called my usual tree guy that I had used since 2001, Foster Tree ServiceTrees 2. He came out right away and gave me a price and said he would get to it, but the storm was coming out of Florida and he would be very busy. My job would take 2 hours and 3 men, one being a climber. The storm hadn't hit yet but it made sense that a tree on someone's house would take priority over my weak satellite signal.

After waiting about 2 weeks I called them, left a message, and ask for them to call me back and give me an idea when they could get to it. I never heard anything back. I called several other tree services over the next few weeks with the same problem. Some came and gave me a price and date, I accepted, and I never heard from them again. I heard that most services had all the work they needed.

Finally I called one that I had not heard of, Outdoor Detail out of Hamilton, Georgia. Tim Jordan called me back, came out and gave me a price. I agreed. He said it was a small job and he was backed up but could work it in if I could wait a few days. We agreed. In a few days he called and told me when he would be here. He came when he said, did what he said he would, and cleaned up like he promised and cut up the limbs for firewood for me.

Tim Jordan was the arborist at Callaway Gardens for years until he went out on his own. Tim is a nice young man and the best climber I've seen and I've seen several. He is in the photo on the right rappelling from the very top of the tall oak. He does what he says, keeps in touch, and will tell you if it is something he can't handle. I recommend Tim Jordan at Outdoor Detail for any of your tree work whether it is trimming and pruning, or tree removal. Tim's motto is "It's the details that count." I agree with Tim. Call him when you have a need. I think you will agree. Tell Tim I said hello!

Tim Jordan

UPDATE: 02/01/18 - Once again I used Tim Jordan with Outdoor Detail for a tree removal project. Once again it was a good experience. He responds quickly, does what he says he will and does it well, and at the price he quoted. This was a tricky tree removal of a large poplar tree that was 2 or 3 feet off the back deck with no good way to get heavy equipment to it. It was leaning toward the house with limbs over the house. It is fascinating to watch him work. To see a large limb over the house that is cut and by the time it lands on the ground it is 180 degrees on the opposite side of the tree takes real know-how. We talked yesterday, he looked at it yesterday, and today it is totally gone. That's service. Not that he can always get to it that quickly, but he said he would and he did. Not only that but he is a nice guy besides. I highly recommend Tim.

UPDATE: 04/03/18 - By David Williams

I would also like to recommend Tim Jordan from Outdoor Detail for any of your tree trimming or removal work. I had a regular "tree guy" that I really liked and trusted, but I called him last Monday and never heard back from him. I saw Allen’s recommendation so I called Tim.

I had several limbs that needed to be cut back from over the pool and the house and two other dead trees that needed to come down. I called Tim last week to get an estimate and he came right out and gave me a quote on the spot. We agreed on the price and the time he would return to do the job.

Tim called me yesterday (Easter Sunday) and told me that he would be here late morning or early afternoon today. He and his crew showed up about 11:30 and worked straight through until they were finished about 4:00.

As Allen said, Tim is a nice young man and he does what he says, keeps in touch, and will tell you if it is something he can't handle. I would recommend Tim Jordan at Outdoor Detail for any of your tree work. HIs company is Outdoor Detail and the number is 706 - 457 - 2209.


Pressure Washing

Recommended by Allen O'Shields - June 28, 2017

David is a fine young man who is working hard to build his pressure washing business. He just finished our house, cottage, both roofs, both swings, both decks, and the driveway in front of the house. It all looks better than it has in a long time. He did what he said he would do and when he said he would do it. He has nice heavy duty equipment to do the job right. I recommend him and his new company, Fathom.

Turntime Farms

Local - Beyond Organic farm serving Columbus, Georgia and the surround areas.


Recommended by: Allen O'Shields - March 14, 2015 - Columbus GA Area

Justin Jordan - 150 Mayo Road - Ellerslie, GA 31807 - 706.405.6549 - -

You may recall that I had recommended Coverall Farms owned and operated by Justin and Julie Jordan. They teamed up with Joey Loudermilk and greatly expanded the operation just down the road and named it Turntime Farms.

Turntime Farms is a great source for fresh pasture raised chickens and eggs without steroids and antibiotics. Meat and eggs without the chemicals. The expansion now includes beef, pork, and other meat products. Our Thanksgiving turkey came from them and was fresh and very good. They have a store that for now is open Wednesday afternoons and they will meet you there most anytime by appointment. He does have to go out and work on the farm occasionally! (-: Is best to call before you go.

They are located just north of Columbus in the Ellerslie community. Traveling from Columbus travel north on the Manchester Expressway to Ellerslie. Go through Ellerslie continuing on until you get to Luke's Pub on the right. Mayo Road is on the left. Go about a quarter mile and the big metal building in the pasture on the right is Turntime.

When you see him tell Justin that I said hello.

This Old Shack

Recommended by: Allen O'Shields - March 22, 2015 - Columbus GA Area

Dennis Lawrence - 5967 Morningside Drive - Columbus, GA - Cell: 706.593.1661 - Office: 706.610.3542 - eMail: -This Old Shack

Dennis builds a unique carpenter bee trap that works! The price is $20. He also builds blue bird houses that are uniquely designed for the right size, ventilation, and with a squirrel ring to keep them out of the nest. He builds bat houses and several other items such as metal yard ornaments.

Capps Sausage

Recommended by: Allen O'Shields - 2013 - Columbus GA Area

Capps Sausage Building

Trey Capps- 555 Lee Road 100, Opelika, AL 36804 - 334.750.8970

Capps Sausage is located on the family farm near the Beauregard community south of Opelika, AL. They have been making their sausage for over 50 years. They open the first weekend in October and close the last weekend in April. Hours CST - Friday & Saturday 8 - 5 and Sunday 8 - 12.

Capps' sausage is my favorite of any I've had in many years. My choice is their smoked link, but they make a variety of sausage receipes. They also sell very good bacon and very good real Wisconsin cheese.

Since it is an 80 mile round trip for me I always call Trey ahead of time to make sure they have the sausage on hand and when I arrive he has it ready to go. I stock up in April to make it through the summer while they are closed and then again in October to last until April. I vacuum pack it and freeze it and it keeps very well.

Allen O'Shields 2012