One Way Through Life

One Way Through Life -A Different Point of View

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The book has just been delivered from the printer! It is a compilation of poems, articles, and short stories written over the past fifty years! Many of them have appeared on Charley’s Page on the Forum, but some have never seen the light of day. There will be a very small number printed. The price is $25 each, overpriced for such a book but it is what it is. Shipping is $5 each.

This is not a family research book as were the last 3 published. But like those it will be a paperback, perfect bound, and is 6” x 9” and 330 pages. Like the Jerry Seinfeld Show it has no theme and ranges all over the board on topics. Some will be funny, others will be thought provoking, and some will make you mad. Here is a very small sample:

Dumb Hats

The cowboy wore a Stetson. The Stetson had no brain.

Every time a storm would come, The brim would fill with rain.

One day the rain got ten feet deep. There came a crashing sound!

The hatband broke, the brim collapsed, And let the cowboy drown

The Tall Man

For days I had noticed a tall skinny man in his fifties walk down the hall of the small apartment building and had thought how he must get tired of ducking every time he passed through a doorway. He scowled at people in the hall when they called on his height advantage for a weather report.

Once he appeared in my doorway when I was in the middle of a rage. He stood quietly in the hall as I ranted about the stupidity of a plumber who would run pipes so far back inside kitchen cabinets.

When I stopped to take a breath he asked if he could be of assistance. I said "no thank you" with all the politeness that I could muster. He asked the nature of the problem. I said that one of the pipes leaked and that it was inside the cabinet so far back that it would take a midget to reach it.

He quietly stepped into my apartment, being careful to duck as he passed through the doorway. Taking the wrench from my hand he walked to the cabinet, folded that long skinny frame like an accordion, and crawled inside the tiny cabinet.

When he had fixed the leak he crawled out, handed me the wrench, said, "Double jointed", ducked as he walked through the doorway and continued on his way down the hall.



Short Stories

Observations and Opinions

Universal Observations

Morals, Ethics, and Religion

Economic and Financial Thoughts

Life in the Trenches (Work Life)

War Stories (Military Life)

To purchase a copy or for questions send an email tocharley@charleyspoolhall.comwith your name, contact information and number of copies. Payment will be due when the books are delivered. There are a few remaining copies for sale.

A Charley’s Pool Hall Publication 2015


Allen O'Shields 2012